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The Art and Science of Living

Kundalini Yoga is the art and science of living to our true human potential. Nothing is added, everything is discovered - out of that which is already given by Grace. 


Yogi Bhajan tirelessly shared the ancient, sacred kriyas with all who had the good fortune of learning with him. These kriyas can clear emotional debris, improve health, activate the power of prayer, refine intuition and clear the karmas (for the ones who have gone before us and the ones who are yet to come). It's been predicted that Kundalini Yoga is the yoga practice of the present and the future, because its intensity allows a swift and focused path that can quickly yield authentic and profound results. Though the art of Kundalini Yoga in the most recent past was kept sacred through the spiritual house of the Sikh masters - it is pointedly non-denominational, as yoga activates the force of spirit within, no matter where your heart beats and has its home spiritually!

Kundalini means ‘a lock from the hair of the beloved’ – a poetic metaphor reminding us that yoga is linking the individual consciousness to our infinite source. Yoga considers this our natural, non-dualistic state whether we are religious of any spiritual provenience or not. Mostly classes are 90 minutes long; they comprise 1 hour of exercise, a deep relaxation for settling the yoga effects and a short meditation. New-comers are invited and encouraged at their level of ability. Teachers also offer specific introductory classes or workshops. Being a contemplative, introspective art, yoga also challenges and calls forth our potential thereby birthing our clarity and strength. You will be introduced to –

  • breathing techniques,
  • the bandhas (muscle activations known as ‘locks’ to harness the energetic potential of the exercises) and
  • chants. The chants may be in English, Gurmukhi, and even in Zulu.  Chanting draws us into a sacred mood and harmonizes brain chemistry (balanced pituitary and hypothalamus) via the stimulus through the upper palate.

Kundalini Yoga works on the nervous system and glandular system – whilst also promoting overall fitness and deepening one’s breath. Since the glands’ functioning and the nerves are directly related to how we ‘feel’ and what emotions we experience habitually, let yourself enter the transformative arena where Kundalini Yoga nurtures in you the self healing delivered via feelings of harmony, bliss and expansion. At the same time, Kundalini Yoga is a great tool for strengthening under the pressures of stress, finding one’s ability to be present with what is and fostering a personal and cozy connection with spirit.

When we commence with yoga, we chant a tuning in song. And remember, it is best to practice with a teacher!

Some general guidelines!

  • Practice on an empty stomach! Some fruit is fine but you want to feel light and unburdened.
  • Bring water to your practice. Same like with all exercise, hydrate! Drink water even in the middle of a work-out!
  • Wear comfortable clothes; this could be track pants and a tee.
  • Wear light-coloured clothes – this supports the expansive yoga experience.
  • Bring a blanket or a beach towel. When you get into yoga, invest in a sticky yoga mat – this supports posture – and a sheep fleece – this supports your energy field during practice. (Look in Tools for where to find.)
  • Yoga and intoxicants do not go together! The yoga induces a natural high and works the same neural pathways that may be affected through intoxicants.


 "See God In All."

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