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Kundalini Yoga respectfully and lovingly belongs to those who practice it. It is a privilege to work and share with each other.

The Trustees are a team of experienced teachers who, through regular meetings and a prayerful, clear, grace-filled relationship with one another, seek to provide a nurturing space in South Africa for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

“Everyone has a mission and every mission has a magnitude. To fulfill and deliver the essence of magnitude,
one requires manners and attitude. When one does it with devotion and conviction, success comes from all sides. What counts is whether you serve your lineage* or whether you serve your legacy. If you serve the legacy, you will live forever. If you serve the lineage, you will not have a chance. There is a catch 22 in it. When you serve lineage* you will always be miserable. When you serve legacy, God will come through; you will only get credit. And this we call miracle.”
– Yogi Bhajan

* Lineage refers to nepotism and the gravy train.

Har Bhajan Singh Khalsa was sent back to South Africa by Yogi Bhajan in mid-1985 to start teaching Kundalini Yoga. After some years of travelling and sailing, Har Bhajan innocently thought he might make his home elsewhere, away from his ‘native’ South Africa. Then he met Yogi Bhajan, who gave him his spiritual name, and with his typical straightforwardness and insight, warmly suggested he go back and ‘start an ashram’. “When you meet your teacher, your ego might object and want to say ‘No’, but your soul knows and says ‘Yes’”. In those early days Har Bhajan travelled on his motorbike hither and thither and taught up to 10 classes a week. He started FRUITS & ROOTS, out of which grew EARTH PRODUCTS and he became intensely busy pioneering natural, vegetarian whole foods throughout South Africa. Currently Har Bhajan’s interests lie with nurturing the sustainable eco community in Robertson where he and Pritam, his wife, reside. His time is spent with his 3 horses, pursuing sustainable energy practices on the farm, fixing and beautifying his surroundings, and teaching Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training.

Contact Har Bhajan at har.bhajan.s.khalsa@gmail.com

Pritam Hari Kaur lived and worked in the Ashram in Hamburg, Germany from 1981 onward for some eight years, translating the teachings and developing the yoga community, before she met Har Bhajan at the European Yoga Festival.

Yogi Bhajan (again!) wanted her energy in RSA. She delved into building their brands, FRUITS & ROOTS and EARTH PRODUCTS, teaching yoga and wellness classes and being a mom and wife. She loves doing Numerology readings, counsels through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and has been training teachers as a Legacy Lead Trainer for Level I and II since 1999. She has taught in Burundi, Togo, the Gambia and Ghana and also regularly travels to Germany and Austria for trainings. She created a picture book in yoga, The Kundalini Yoga Fan. She and her husband are founding members of Long Valley Farm, an eco village retreat centre in the Langeberg. Their son, Hari Bhajan Singh and his family live nearby in the village of Robertson. 

Contact Pritam at pritam.khalsa@gmail.com

Download Pritam’s bio in English or German

Prithi Adesh Dr Tonja Blom is a Yoga Therapist, Life Transformation Coach, Trauma Practitioner, Applied Kinesiologist and Change specialist. She has authored many articles on the impact of stress, anxiety, fear and trauma as well as emotional empowerment and holistic wellbeing. Through years of leading individual and group work she realised that her life work consists of supporting individuals and groups experiencing change, and then harnessing and making sense of these change experiences to grow and improve our collective wellbeing. Her vision is a world where everybody has the emotional and spiritual support and agility to handle uncertainty with grace and ease.

Contact Prithi at blomtonja@gmail.com

Patwant Rhodes has been teaching for over twenty years. She is a healer, and a writer, having published a volume of devotional poetry. Her classes are at once deep, rousing and often rip-roaringly humourous. She teaches private classes, in studios as well as residential teaching in island settings such as Silver Island in Greece and the Maldives. Patwant is an example to the art of teaching and shares her insight and capacity in the Level One Teacher Training.

Contact Patwant at suryawellnessprogramme@gmail.com


Sibusiso Ngema is a yoga instructor and wellness coach based in Alexandra, Johannesburg. Certified in Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga, he is inspired by ancient wisdom in a modern context. He is passionate about sustainability and community development and works as a mentor with a diverse group of young students, guiding them on their path to success. Recognizing the importance of mental clarity and focus in academic achievement, he incorporates breath work and movement in his sessions to foster concentration and mindfulness. The lens of yoga accelerates his work with content development and creating resources that promote holistic well-being for healthier and more balanced lives. 


Simran Judy Connors brought liveliness and a new angle to her Catholic roots through her yogic practice. She lives in Springs, Gauteng with her husband and is also a trustee at the Long Valley Farm intentional community. She travels in South Africa and internationally and facilitates as a professional conflict transformation consultant and mediator. As a director of Phaphama Initiatives she conducts workshops in nonviolent communication and gender reconciliation. www.genderreconciliationinternational.org

Contact Simran at judy@phaphama.org

Balwant Karin Ritchie’s love for yoga blossomed into putting the spiritual retreat centre Shakti Khaya on Linksfield Ridge on the map as a home for Kundalini Yoga; it saw many events, retreats and sadhanas. Her journey led her to living in India for two years. She consults at the Industrial Supply Company that she is CEO of and now lives in Sedgefield on the Garden Route. She practices as a Trauma Healing therapist using the Somatic Experiencing modality. When she doesn’t travel and teach nationally and internationally, she enjoys nature, new inspired experiences and spending time with her family and grandson. 

Contact Karin on karinritchie3@gmail or 083 226 9834

My name is Fulufhelo Ramango, I am 32 year old. In 2014 i was introduced to Kundaling Yoga. The practice was exciting but more than that it helped me discover more about my Self and deal with the passing of my parents. In 2016 I got an opportunity to do my level 1 Kundalini Yoga training. It was an amazing experience through which I got deeply into my spiritual journey and saw the need to serve others with these techniques. I started giving back to the community by teaching yoga in the high schools and community centers of Alexandra. Even now I stay with the technique because I know that without this life would be more challenging and through the journey one can use it to overcome any block that you may encounter in life.

Siri Dharma Sheila Tyacke teaches law in her day job and practices and teaches Compassionate Inquiry as her vocation. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, she focused on vulnerable groups such as recovering drug addicts in rehab and children from marginalized backgrounds. She loves music and chanting and composed and recorded mantra music.

Contact Siri at styacke@netactive.co.za

Jo Bond is a a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and a registered homeopath based in Fourways. Her journey with Kundalini yoga started in the early 1990’s when she accompanied a friend to a class. Her curiosity was piqued and she started attending regular classes in her area. Without knowing it at the time, this set her upon a healing journey now spanning decades.

“I relate with the meaning ‘union’ of the word yoga, which speaks of connecting the individual consciousness to spirit. I also love that it is a time-honoured technology that focuses on the inner rather than always managing outwardly. Yoga emphasises scientific aspects and does not claim itself to be a religion.

And still, Kundalini Yoga is deep medicine for the soul. I noticed how good and connected and in a state of heightened awareness I felt when I attended class and how I missed it when when I didn’t.

This led me to embark on my teacher training so I could pass on this valuable information and help in the growth of consciousness. Best decision ever! The course was tough, challenging at times, but absolutely worth it. The personal growth I achieved was something I had not expected. I met an amazing group of people who I am friends with to this day. Kundalini Yoga filled a gap in my life; it eases and navigates my inner processing skills and grows me on so many levels. I feel it helps me be the child of the Universe i was meant to be. I am a better person because of yoga and also able to make a difference in other people’s lives. I am proud to be part of this lineage and to belong to a group of like-minded individuals. When I am with my yoga community, I feel like I am home.

I am a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and a registered homeopath, I teach kiddies yoga, am an animal lover, vegetarian, and bibliophile. Pledged to treading lightly and softly through this world, I am mindful that I share this planet with others and wish to leave it a better place one day.

PS I hope that anyone reading this gets to experience the medicine of Kundalini Yoga to enrich their life! ♡”

My name is Savanna Sibutha. I am qualified Kundalini Yoga instructor. Yoga helps me to be an understanding person and a compassionate person. It found me when I was at my worst and it has healed me. Because I know the power that comes with the practice, I am determined to reach and teach other people who might be in the same space that I was in.

I give yoga classes to young girls who have had the challenges of sexual harassment, trafficking and/ or being orphaned. I also teach at high schools in Johannesburg (chiefly in Alex, Sandton) where i offer mental-emotional support to leaners who are trying to complete their schooling. I also work with Stretch Education SA.

My name is James Dekker. Thamsanqa is my African spiritual name and comes from the Xhosa, Ndebele and Zulu word meaning ‘blessing(s), ‘fortune’ or ‘luck’. The name is spoken with the ‘clicking sound’ typical of Southern African tribal languages and I was given this name after I survived a horrifying robbery one night many years ago. It took me half a lifetime to come to terms with what happened that night and Kundalini Yoga has been instrumental in helping me regain my balance and find my peace.

I am currently doing my Level 2 Teacher Enhancement Training with Pritam and I teach a regular men’s class in Cologne in Germany. My aim is to bring more men to the mat, assisting them in unlocking their Divine Masculine from within. I also support teacher training for disadvantaged yogis through the proceeds from making beautiful personalised malas. Help fund a Yogi by buying a mala!

Contact James at thamsanqa@kundaliniyoga.co.za


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