Spiritual Names

A spiritual name is the name of the soul

It acts as a constant affirmation or reminder of who we are. It also describes the highest potential and fulfillment we can achieve and deliver in this life. Some people like to choose this as a private affirmation, and others find more and more ways to apply and use and work with the Godly name.

Yogi Bhajan described the spiritual name as the timeless connection between past, present and future. It holds where we come from and where we may go for our best, best being. Often, he, the master of the Tantric numerology, would look at the person, their aura, their arcline, their pain, their potential and do a quick little numerology to confirm and back up his subtle vision and assessment and write down their name for them, all in a few seconds. He shared this art with one of his personal attendants, Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa, who to this date has gifted us with thousands of names. If this idea appeals to you, you can go to www.spiritual-names.org to read more and then click on REQUEST A SPIRITUAL NAME to take it from there.

There is a safe donation form for you to make an offering in exchange. The site also has a pronunciation guide. However, ring me anytime for help with the pronunciation and/or the meaning. I love to hear your names – and sure will call you that if you wish – it’s so special! Pritam +27 (82) 671-2317‬.

My spiritual name is Pritam Hari Kaur and it means the Beloved of the Creator, or the one who is creative through love. When Yogi Bhajan gave me my name in 1981, I walked away from the consultation quite dazed, and had to ask my friends, “What is my name again?’ I could not remember it for the first few times.

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