Meditation Request

40 Day Yoga and Meditation Request

Dear Friend,

I invite you to a blessing of a 40 Day Meditation! Meditation is one of the oldest sciences, at the same time it is beyond time and space. Through meditation we can heal and transform our lives to heights never imagined!

Practice your 40 Day Personalized Sadhana (pronounced ‘sadna’, meaning personal spiritual practice), a spiritual practice all your own!

This next 40 days will be a very special time in your personal growth.

Historically, 40 Days have been known as a sacred time period. It is a length of time often referred to in ancient traditions for enacting change. Doing something for 40 days can make or break a habit in a person. If you are consistent in your personal practice, it clears old subconscious patterns, sets up new positive patterns, and can change your life for the better.

The key word is ‘consistent.’ You are invited to do this Sadhana consistently for 40 days in a row. If you miss even a day, you are advised to start all over again at day one and continue to day 40.

The most beautiful and powerful time to meditate is between the hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am, known as the “Amrit Vela” – the time of nectar. The time just before the sun rises, before most people rise, before we commence the affairs of the day is quiet, still and divine. If you can do your sadhana at this time of the day, the effects will be even more powerful!

Sometimes a personal practice can stir up a lot of feelings and emotions from the past. You may find forgotten memories surface and sometimes they may be painful. Relax and know this is part of the cleansing and healing process. Breathe, smile and allow yourself to go through it. It will soon pass and be gone and you will be on to beautiful, clear days.

The teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are so powerful; they can cleanse, sooth, and purify the irritated parts of our mind, body and soul. However, we must first allow ourselves to experience our sadhana by doing it, consistently, and persistently, every day.

As you travel your path, do not feel alone. We are all together in spirit, and in spirit we rejoice together on the journey towards self discovery. It is a great adventure to watch ourselves unfold and open to our Higher Self. God bless you, my wish for you is to “KEEP UP”!

All Love in Divine,

Pritam Hari Kaur Khalsa

PS. Write or call if you need any help – or +27 (82) 671-2317

PPS Write to me if you would like a 40 day meditation recommendation. Please would you give me your date of birth and mention if you are pregnant, as this affects the choice of kriya. You are invited to make a donation in exchange for this. Where you give you shall receive.

R108 is recommended.

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