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Foreword by the author:

“At one of Yogi Bhajan’s visits to our Hamburg ashram in Germany in the Eighties, he said to me – with the typically mesmerising mix of focus, authority and love:

You are a yogini and you will write my books. He then proceeded to spell out the titles of the books and finished the directive with: Write it in your own words.

For starters though, this quintessential little guide makes do with only very few words. It is a testimony of respect and gratitude to my teacher and how he encouraged us to pull out all the stops of our being.

The raison d’etre for the YOGA FAN is the following: As teachers and practitioners we may be travelling – the planet is not such a big playground – and opportunities to share and inspire may come from unexpected avenues. I have also seen the crib notes many teachers create for themselves as the elaborate instructions in the manual are not always legible in the softened lights of a class. The objective then is to have a compact little teaching tool that goes where you go.

In creating a selection you will notice that all of them are emotionally transformative kriyas. Reality is not what it appears to be but rather what the mind makes out of a situation. When our emotions lend colour and flavour to a situation we believe this as reality.

When, through grace, the intensity of fear, heartbreak, frustration, anger, depression and stress shift, neutrality, the divine mind and what Yogi Bhajan calls ‘a widening of the behaviour’ come about more easily and naturally.

You will therefore find in this compilation succinct exercises that address every known emotional blockage; they are grouped together in a progression of strength and challenge. Tossed into the mix are a few kriyas for pure joy, experience, growth and bliss and of course, navel kriyas – as it is a strong navel that allows the heart to blossom.

Many thanks to the stellar archival work and support of the Kundalini Research Institute and their dedication to making available more and more of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. I have taken an artist’s and a teacher’s liberty of simplifying the sets’ names whilst referencing the original names in the Glossary at the front.”

โ€“ Pritam Khalsa

You can order this amazing fan from Sat Nam Europe or directly from Pritam at pritam.khalsa@gmail.com

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