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About Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan began teaching in 1967 and founded  3HO (Organization for Healthy, Happy, Holy Living). His merit and credit was delivering the art of Kundalini Yoga and White Tantric Yoga which he shared around the world until his death in 2004. Inspired by this art, ashrams, yoga studios, festivals and a series of natural products, including the international Yogi Tea brand bloomed. He had a deeply mystical view of Sikhism and shared the humanitarian, altruistic values of this youngest of the world religions.

In 1999, the World Parliament of Religions took place in Cape Town, and it was an opportunity for Yogi Bhajan to visit South Africa.

In 2020, a book came out by a former student on abuse and malfeasance by the master which lead to other voices speaking up, too. A wave of shock and sadness went through the sangats (communities) in the course of the posthumous discussions. Many yogis left the practice, others concluded they couldn’t be sure as he wasn’t there to be questioned and speak for himself, and there are those who deny the possibility of wrongs entirely. We stand by transparency vis-a-vis the past and empathy with individuals who were hurt. We also continue to teach and work with the large and unique body of teachings he left and are indebted to the transformation they bring.

Yogi Bhajan had individual teacher-student relationships with all the folk who learned from him in person, and there are many who attest to the priceless healing he brought. This does not exonerate the instances where the teacher exerted too much pressure resulting in unhealthy relationships. Finding a greater space of understanding and willingness, we try and learn from instances in the human collective, and deepen our knowledge on how trauma may occur and resolve. The knowledge contained in the enormous body of teachings that he shared remains ageless and priceless.

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Pritam translated for the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan on his visits to Germany. (1981 to 1987) This picture was taken in 1985

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