A conscious conversation…

A spiritual practice aims high and so do we on this path and lifestyle. The ‘Code of Excellence’ is a reference tool for us teachers and gives positive ethical values. It can be referenced at

Misunderstandings and hurts can happen. Sometimes these are more safely looked at in the presence of a third person who may listen, reflect and slow down the heat of the moment. Would you like a mediated conversation to help clear an issue with a teacher or fellow practitioner? Do you need to be heard? We are available to anyone who feels aggrieved by anything that happens, or anything that is done or said in the context of  Kundalini Yoga in South Africa. We promote an ethical community culture based on the shared values of integrity, accountability, transparency and respect.

We invite you to submit a complaint, grievance or dispute that you may have in the context of Kundalini Yoga in South Africa to us. Your sharing is confidential; we only disclose with your permission. We do not approach anyone you mention without your permission. We’ll make sure that someone who has no personal interest and can maintain their neutrality will help with your matter. Any step in the course of action taken will be guided by your needs.

We may liaise with the Ethics and Professional Standards Office in the USA where appropriate and with your permission. Email us on

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