About us

Kundalini Yoga respectfully and lovingly belongs to those who practice it. It is a privilege to work and share with each other.

The Trustees are a team of experienced teachers who, through regular meetings and a prayerful, clear, grace-filled relationship with one another, seek to provide a nurturing space in South Africa for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi

Everyone has a mission and every mission has a magnitude. To fulfill and deliver the essence of magnitude,
one requires manners and attitude. When one does it with devotion and conviction, success comes from all sides.
What counts is whether you serve your lineage* or whether you serve your legacy. If you serve the legacy, you will live forever.
If you serve the lineage, you will not have a chance. There is a catch 22 in it. When you serve lineage* you will always be miserable.
When you serve legacy, God will come through; you will only get credit. And this we call miracle.
– Yogi Bhajan

*Lineage refers to nepotism and the gravy train.


Har Bhajan Singh Khalsa was sent back to South Africa by Yogi Bhajan in mid-1985 to start teaching Kundalini Yoga. After some years of travelling and sailing, Har Bhajan innocently thought he might make his home elsewhere, away from his ‘native’ South Africa. Then he met Yogi Bhajan, who gave him his spiritual name, and with his typical straightforwardness and insight, warmly suggested he go back and ‘start an ashram’. “When you meet your teacher, your ego might object and want to say ‘No’, but your soul knows and says ‘Yes'”. In those early days Har Bhajan travelled on his motorbike hither and thither and taught up to 10 classes a week. He started FRUITS & ROOTS, out of which grew EARTH PRODUCTS and he became intensely busy pioneering natural, vegetarian whole foods throughout South Africa. Currently Har Bhajan’s interests lie with nurturing the sustainable eco community in Robertson where he and Pritam, his wife, reside. His time is spent with his 3 horses, pursuing sustainable energy practices on the farm, fixing and beautifying his surroundings, and teaching Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training. He and Pritam enjoy the odd getaway on their BMW F800GS motorcycle.
Contact Har Bhajan at har.bhajan.s.khalsa@gmail.com

Pritam Hari Kaur lived and worked in the ashram in Hamburg, Germany from 1981 onward for some eight years, translating the teachings, developing the yoga, before she met Har Bhajan at the European Yoga Festival.

Yogi Bhajan (again!) wanted her energy in RSA. Building their brand, FRUITS & ROOTS and EARTH PRODUCTS, teaching yoga and vegetarian cooking classes, being a mom and wife, she takes workshops, gives sessions in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and is the Lead Trainer for Kundalini Yoga
Teacher Training Level 1 and 2 in South Africa. She created a picture book in yoga through her novel concept, THE KUNDALINI YOGA FAN. She and her husband are some of the founding members of Long Valley Farm, an eco village trust in the pristine mountains near Robertson in the Western Cape. They have one son, Hari Bhajan Singh. After his schooling at Miri Piri Academy in India, he joined Earth Products.
Contact Pritam at pritam.khalsa@gmail.com, or khalsa@kundaliniyoga.co.za 

Simran Judy Connors comes from a Catholic background and has woven the deep regular practice of Kundalini Yoga into her spiritual life for more than a decade. She teaches in Springs, Gauteng – where she lives with her husband. Simran travels frequently both in South Africa and internationally, as she is a professional conflict transformation consultant and mediator. As a director of Phaphama Initiatives she conducts workshops in nonviolent communication and gender reconciliation. (www.genderreconciliationinternational.org).

Contact Simran at judy@phaphama.org

Balwant Karin Ritchie’s love for kundalini yoga sprouted a dream of running a spiritual retreat centre on Linksfield Ridge and so Shakti Khaya saw many beautiful, inspired courses and events. As part of her learning and expansion, Karin lived in India for approximately 2 years. Today Karin consults at the Industrial Supply Company that she is CEO of and mostly practices as a Trauma Healing therapist using the Somatic Experiencing Modality. In order to sharpen her Trauma Healing skills and deepen her understanding of the nervous system, she regularly travels internationally. She is a free spirit who loves to travel and experience new and exciting places and cultures. She teaches Kundalini yoga at Ishta Yoga Centre in Athol.
Contact Karin on karingel@gmail.comor 0832269834 and 011 6163789

Siri Dharma Sheila Tyacke teaches law in her day job and as her vocation she teaches Kundalini Yoga to children and also recovering drug addicts in rehab. She composes and plays music and teaches the art of chanting. She has recorded mantra and chants. Through her teaching, Siri Dharma connects with musicians everywhere and weaves their energy and voices into her musical creations.
Contact Siri at styacke@netactive.co.za

(Photos: Coco van Oppens)

Siri Ajeet Kaur/ Dipuo Banda was born and bred in Alex, Johannesburg. She was deeply inspired by her maternal gran and fell in love with yoga and spirituality as a teen. She spent the last three years of her highschool at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, the yogic school Yogi Bhajan founded. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and currently a trainer intern. After highschool she studied dance . Her passion is reaching youth and she and a small group of teachers regularly taught 2000 pupils in Alex.